Monday, January 4, 2010

mindful monday - 1/52

as mentioned before, i really want to get organized about blogging and set realistic intentions on writing. i look forward to sharing all of this with you along the way!

welcome to the first (of hopefully many)

mindful monday

the start of my week seems to be the most inspirational and also the hardest because i am usually not reading to jump back in after the weekend. i always stay up to late on sundays (probably due to excess energy from sunday evening dance rehearsals) and setting a monday intent helps me wake up fresh and ready for what it ahead.
my favorite thing about my mondays is that i take a weekly yoga class (actually skipping today due to much needed visit from best gal and her son - we're having dinner tonight, but usually my mondays involve yoga). it is such a wonderful end of the day activity for me. i hope to add to my mondays with blogging about mindfulness and setting an intent each week to bring that to my life.

i think my tendency to busy myself to the -nth degree is because there have been times when i have felt like i was not deserving of time without busyness. that i needed to constantly be on the go in order to be worthy of life. sounds pretty extreme - right?!?! i am moving away from that pattern and giving myself time and space to recognize what i need. i love to think of this as a foundation to living the mindful life: giftng yourself the ability to live mindfully. allowing it and doing it. i find that in the past decade, there have been many moments where my self worth and value comes from external sources (and not even people who i was really that close to). i am now learning that all of those feelings of self and worthiness - given the time i need to embrace who i am and be with those i truly love - really comes from within.

mindful practice of the week: allow time without purpose as a gift - at least 30 minutes each day (no thinking - oh, i should be doing this or that OR feeling bad about "wasting time") and know that it is deserved. notice if giving to myself enables gifts to flow to others with effortlessness. take deep breathes the whole way.


  1. I have just begun this kind of mindfulness. I too, busy myself for many reasons. Yours being one of the many.

    Work it out girl.

    Hope you had a wondeful, peaceful holiday.


  2. Hi Katherine. I saw your blog on SITS and decided to stop by to say, "hello". It is nice to "meet" you. I have never tried yoga but I did train as a dancer (ballet, jazz, tap, modern, pointe, & acrobatics) until I was 18 and then worked as a professional dancer in the fine arts for a few years. I wish you all the best in 2010.

    Kindest regards,