Thursday, October 29, 2009

list 'o' happiness

i have been a little down in the dumps lately with the flu and bummed about not having the energy for my beloved yoga and movement. i know my body needs to rest and i am honoring that (even though i really want to push through and get moving!) my great buddy and happy body consort, jessica, was an amazing friend today when she suggested i make a list of all the things that made me happy. she warned me not to make a list of things that don't make me happy - that's too easy to do, but really seize a mindful moment and - without judgment - check it with all the things (big or small) that make me happy! i came up with a list last week of things i do to relax and lots of those things repeated themselves on my happy list! here are some highlights:
  • be on the beach & near the ocean
  • hiking with my pup
  • spending quality time with my hubby
  • being there with a client in an "A-HA" moment
  • giving my mom, dad, & brother a big ole hug
  • taking a yoga class
  • exploring body-mind-centering
  • eating a yummy homemade meal
  • sipping on a glass of vino
  • being in the presence of good girlfriends who "get" me
  • watching a sappy/romantic movie
  • getting a massage
  • blogging
  • laughing
  • dancing & moving
  • reading a book that sucks me in
  • having a clean & organized nest
  • catching up with friends i haven't seen in a while
  • talking about healing movement with jessica
  • watching my friend's babies grow up
so these are just some of the things on my list - what made me feel so happy was that i felt like the list could just keep going. that makes me really appreciate my life and who i am and all the people i get to share my life with! kudos to all of you! thanks. i highlighted my top 5 of the moment. what are your top 5 things that make you happy?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

compassionate communication

one of my favorite mindful practices (an i am sure one of the hardest one's) is to attempt compassionate communication. i got married this summer and i do everything i can to practice this technique - and we for sure need to be reminded of it at times. he's my best friend and the love of my life, but sometimes when we disagree, we really disagree. i think it's a healthy thing for us to have our different opinions, but we always need to be reminded that it is a-ok to agree to disagree.
here are some things to remember (adapted from
- we all have the same basic needs.
-strong feelings arise when we our needs ARE fulfilled and when they ARE NOT fulfilled.
-learning how to communicate our own and listen for another's feelings and needs us a way of cultivating mindful and peaceful interactions.
-when judgment's arise, they are often masking a repressed feeling and need.
-translating judgments into feelings and needs is a way to practice mindful interactions with ourselves and others.

wow! those things resonate so true to me and - i hope - to you, too! they are really powerful and important to think about before you get into a disagreement with someone...before anyone says something they do not mean!

here's an example of how it is suggested to communicate in a mindful way. first, recognize the judgement you are feeling and translate it into a need such as "you're trying to control the situation" can be translate to i feel "frustrated" because i need to "be included in the decision making process." i really like this format of judgement and then i feel______because i need to_______. give it a try - it's a great way to put a new spin and perspective on any conversation and it helps to keep you mindful and present to the way you feel and the way the person you are speaking to feels as well.

happy communicating!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ways to relax

i heart the post today on carrots'n'cake asking everyone to post what they do to relax. here my list of the things i do to relax:
  • go for a walk in the woods with my hubby and my beast
  • make a cup of Dandy Blend add some stevia and soymilk creamer
  • grab a good read (not one that involves too much thought)
  • catch up on grey's anatomy or project runway online (no tv here!)
  • yoga. yoga. yoga.
  • sit comfortably and breathe.
  • snuggle up with my pup (sometime referred to as beast)
  • tidy up. surprisingly, this brings me so much satisfaction that is really is relaxing.
  • glass of yummy vino white or red.
  • call my brother - who is my best friend.
  • journal & dream.
  • write a letter to snail mail to a friend or family member
  • look at photos!
it's nice to take the time to think about what actually makes me feel relaxed. maybe it can serve as a reminder to do these things more often.

Monday, October 26, 2009

creeping on 30.

so, i turn 30 in a little over a week. i am actually sort of excited about it. my dear friend erin told me once that you spend the 20's figuring out who you are and in your 30's you get to really be who you are! i love the idea of letting your birthday set resolutions. we all get so psyched out with the whole new year thing, so reflecting on your birthday is unique and individual - it resonates with me. here's my list. lots of things i am recommitting to myself and i am trying to find new things to add in. i am turning the big 3-0!
  • start (and really write) a blog about creativity, yoga, and the healing aspects of movement! (alas - having been sick for the past week movement has alluded me, but will return asap.)
  • JOURNAL regularly
  • get on my yoga mat everyday (even if just for a little all adds up and counts!)
  • of course - find mindful moments throughout the day
  • bring gratitude into my life and household. i'm going to make a blessings box (and decorate it up) and write something my family is grateful for everyday!
  • make my own holiday cards to send out this year
  • take a course on compassionate communication
  • more & more & more home cookin - yummy!!!!
  • eat more greens - always trying to get those dark leafy's in!
  • get a planner pad (i asked for one for my birthday or christmas from mom and dad). put time on that calendar to nurture my nest, be with my love and the loving beast!
hopefully, i'll think of more - i'm going to keep this list going in my journal until my birthday and then sit down, edit, and commit.

hoping to be back to myself and back to work on wednesday (maybe even get in a gentle asana practice!) here's hoping for wellness!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

living the life.

being mindful is the hardest thing i do everyday. it's so easy to just plug along and get wrapped up in the things i have to do or the things i think need/could/should happen in my day. learning to become detached from all those "to-do's" and live presently is my daily challenge. try sitting quietly at your desk, on the floor...wherever you happen to be and close your eyes. notice what is happening. are thoughts racing around in your head (they often are for me!)? start to slow down and let go of those'll think of them again if they're really important. notice your breathe. is it tense? is it rushed? is it smooth? be an observer and watch yourself inhale and exhale. then just allow yourself 5 minutes to be with your breath. as you feel your mind wander away (as it inevitably will!) gently bring the attention back to the breath. ahhhh....enjoy. these few minutes will resettle you back into yourself and re-energize you for all that lies ahead. bliss with breath!
i heart this pic of my "beast" and i - he always reminds me of being present in the moment and of pure love and compassion!