Thursday, October 29, 2009

list 'o' happiness

i have been a little down in the dumps lately with the flu and bummed about not having the energy for my beloved yoga and movement. i know my body needs to rest and i am honoring that (even though i really want to push through and get moving!) my great buddy and happy body consort, jessica, was an amazing friend today when she suggested i make a list of all the things that made me happy. she warned me not to make a list of things that don't make me happy - that's too easy to do, but really seize a mindful moment and - without judgment - check it with all the things (big or small) that make me happy! i came up with a list last week of things i do to relax and lots of those things repeated themselves on my happy list! here are some highlights:
  • be on the beach & near the ocean
  • hiking with my pup
  • spending quality time with my hubby
  • being there with a client in an "A-HA" moment
  • giving my mom, dad, & brother a big ole hug
  • taking a yoga class
  • exploring body-mind-centering
  • eating a yummy homemade meal
  • sipping on a glass of vino
  • being in the presence of good girlfriends who "get" me
  • watching a sappy/romantic movie
  • getting a massage
  • blogging
  • laughing
  • dancing & moving
  • reading a book that sucks me in
  • having a clean & organized nest
  • catching up with friends i haven't seen in a while
  • talking about healing movement with jessica
  • watching my friend's babies grow up
so these are just some of the things on my list - what made me feel so happy was that i felt like the list could just keep going. that makes me really appreciate my life and who i am and all the people i get to share my life with! kudos to all of you! thanks. i highlighted my top 5 of the moment. what are your top 5 things that make you happy?

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