Sunday, November 1, 2009

national blog posting month is here!

so....i found this group of folks recently and loved the idea of signing up and committing to blogging everyday for the entire month of november. can i do it? will i like it? do i have enough interesting things to say? yes!!! i say to myself - you can do it. i think it will give me a strong perspective on the blogging world and will really connect me to this project of sharing and exploring ways to find bliss throughout this hectic, crazy life. wish me luck and stay tuned to see what i come up with!
on another note, my house is beginning to come back together post our almost 2 week flu battle. i love to be clean and be organized and have felt quite out of control both with the way my body has been feeling and with the mess that is my home.
before i left my full time job this summer and got married, home was just a place to sleep and keep things. i was so busy i rarely even cooked. now i really take pride in home. it has such a different meaning to me. i love it more and more everyday. i really sense that it is my nest and it is my pleasure to nurture it! another thing that happened this summer was the hubby moved his home office to another location. yippee for that. it was so hard to leave him alone when he was working - he was just in the other room! now his old office has become my office and for the first time i have a desk and files and all that good stuff. i am going to make an inspiration board in there this week. i need it. there are so many ideas about my pursuits to finding my own happy body and sharing those findings with the world....i need something to help capture those feelings and this week's project is to begin that board. wish me luck! hope you stay tuned for my 30 posts in 30 days. (also i will be celebrating 30 this month, so it just seemed to fit!)

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