Sunday, November 22, 2009

yeah for a short week!

ahhh. sunday. today has been relaxing and rainy. i also got a ton accomplished on my dance piece this afternoon in rehearsal. also, trying to get organized for the beginning of the holiday season. wow. can't believe i am actually saying that! so grateful that i get to travel and be with my family for a few days! my bro owns a retail store so it's s bit of a bummer that he will be working away on black friday and can't stay the weekend. that's ok - i just wish him a much needed super busy day! i am super stoked on this short work week!

am setting some blogger goals for myself this week. i am loving this blog thing, but also needing to step it up a bit, get more clear on what i intend it to be and keep the motivation high. my goals for the week are:
  1. take photos daily for the blog
  2. jot down blogging ideas as they come to me in oh-so-beautiful new journal (pictured above)
  3. commit to bringing mindfulness to the blog (mindful living, eating, playing, loving, arguing, exercising, etc.)
there are probably many many more things this avid list maker could add to this, but i am going to keep my goals realistic. my ultimate goal is to use the blog to be more mindfully committed to living my life (in all ways listed above plus more!!!)

do you set goals for your blog? anyone out there have any suggestions about how they keep their blogging life interesting and inspired?

excited for the last few hours of sunday. going to dive into a book and snuggle with the beast.


  1. Hi there! I LURVE that journal. That is truly a lovely thing to treasure.

    In terms of setting 'blog goals'? My goal is to post 2-3 times a week, to keep my entries concise, and to include original photos.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Hiya, I'm here too from SITS. Saw you in the rollcall and wanted to say howdy:)

    I've visited here before and I think that whatever you're doing is just fine. I'm learning something new every day and maybe someday I'll be able to give advice. For now, I blog approx. once or twice a week. For now, it's what moves me:)

    Wishing you a great holiday and BTW, I agree...that journal of yours is a treasure!

  3. my plan for my blog is to do a big move to wordpress!!! then i can finally add a FAQ page and better organize things. one of the things i wanna address is the question you asked about my vitamins; in the meantime, my first blog post addresses what you see me taking with every meal:

    but i also take a fish oil 2x/day in addition to that, unless i'm eating fish that day.

    i by no means know what i'm doing; this is just the advice i was given by various sources and what has seemed to work for me!

  4. I am never without a journal for jotting down notes, ideas or thoughts that might be blog fodder.