Sunday, November 29, 2009

beautiful day - yippee hooray!

today was so gorgeous outside. i went out to breakfast with the hubby and brother-in -law. then was home and trying desperately to catch up before the work week starts tomorrow. there is so the hubby and i used to be avid mountain bikers, but i had a bad wreck about 3 years ago and can't handle it anymore. the hubby used to try to convince me to bike, but after broken bones and too many stitches - my heart just isn't in it anymore. the hubby has given up on me biking with him, so now we hike! the beast loves it more than we do! we are so lucky he behaves off leash and he can wander, run, and explore!

we live uber close to one of the many entrances to the mountains to the sea trail. so lucky to be able to drive 5 minutes (would walk, but streets around it are way too dangerous and busy!)

enjoying the fabulous weather.....

working on breaking in these boots! the hubby and i got new hiking boots over a year ago and we are still breaking them in! wowsa! they are serious boots. not to beautiful, but really supportive and comfy!

so about 3 miles in we turned around and the hubby warned me "somewhere along the path i saw some poop in the middle of the path. be careful not to step in it." i said "why didn't you move it or show me when you noticed it?!?!" anyway, i was careful. he really psyched himself out and totally stepped in it. new shoes and all! yuck! oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. we laughed so hard and i made him stick the shoes in the trunk before heading back home.

went to dance rehearsal tonight and feel to good about the progress we are making on the piece i am choreographing. i am committed to having the skeleton done my december 18th. maybe i can post an "in progress" video soon.

have a fantastic evening and a great start to a full week!

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