Saturday, November 21, 2009

my moving women

i'm probably going to be posting a lot more about my dancing life as we are creeping closer and closer to our march 2010 show so there's lots of creative energies flowing and lots of work to do. this is the tough part. when you're working on all sorts of dances and there is so much choreography in your head (both yours and the other women's) and you still really have to think about it all. the awesome thing about dance is that eventually that thinking goes away and you're able to go on a sort of autopilot. the body takes over and you just flow and move and sense and love. these are the women i create with. you can check us out at our website. i was resistant at the beginning of the season about this upcoming show. we were all having a lot happening in our personal lives and not feeling the passion to create. i am so grateful to have gotten over that hump and now am immersed in the process. cheers to these women who keep the creative spirit in my life and in my body!

this is a promo picture from our march 2008 show called thin walls: a tale of the tangled and peculiar. this particular piece is called pathos sweet & lost choreographed by kathy. it was originally choreographed surrounding a sculpture by the same name in a local park. i'd had a bad incident and had stitches in my foot and a broken toe, so hence i sat. it became one of our favorite pieces of choreography.
this pic is of dead & lovely to the music of tom waits. it's quite dark humor. jenni choreographed it and it has been in our repertoire for many years.
these last two pics are from the movement for peace project we did in 2008. it was a giant event, but a special one and i love this first picture.
we'll be performing this piece again in our march show this year. it's all about the family unit and it's fun and exciting to perform.
hope you all enjoy this tiny glimpse into my creative world. you're invited to check out my dance bio here. it's so fun to see how different people explore their creativity. i'd love to hear about your most recent project/idea. or if you have ever had any experience with modern dance? have a great saturday!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous of dancers! I love dancing, but unfortunately I am not very good. At least I have fun!

    I really enjoy watching dance shows on t.v. So you think you can dance? and America's Best Dance Crew are my faveorites. Mia Michaels from So you think... is my favorite choreographer!

    Wow, I shared a lot! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!