Saturday, November 28, 2009

happy turkey day - belated!

hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving! i know i did. food. family. fun. dogs. playtime. wine. and being at home. the one i spent my whole life (until 18) in. it sounds weird, but i am so grateful to go home to the same physical house that i was brought home to as a child. that's right folks. my parents never moved! hard to believe in this day and age. it's a small house and i think we could have used more room when we were teenagers, but we made it work and i think the fact that we lived so physically close to each other all those years is part of the reason we are such a close knit family!
anyway, i was a very bad blogger this weekend and totally forgot my camera everywhere we went! i thought it was in my purse, my no - couldn't find it! c'est la vie! sometimes it is so so so important to disconnect in order to reconnect and this time at home was all about that! i so rarely get to come home and it's nice to just chill out!
yippee for important family time. i've got a drive to get home this morning. am going to get in a little exercise (jillian micheal's level 2 of 30 day shred), get myself together and get on the road back to the hubby and my beast.
wishing you an amazing weekend of gratitude and thanksgiving. blessings to you!


  1. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Happy Thanksgiving from Scotland!

  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    I love your blissful Thanksgiving! Sounds like you really enjoyed. Even though you forgot your camera, you have some really great memories inside. And HOW COOL, your parents still live in the same house. Awesome!