Tuesday, November 3, 2009

be where you are

i teach pilates & yoga for a living. i am so grateful to be in my own space and working with a caring group of people. i know that my journey toward teaching healing movement has just begun. thought in today's post i would share where i work and what it looks like. here's a little tour. keep in mind it's just one small room, so there's not much explanation! 80% of the equipment i have there was made less than 3 hours away in anderson, sc by edgar tirado. he is an amazing craftsman!

one thing i love about working with people is encouraging them to be where they are without judgement. we often have an idea about where we want to be or where we should be or how we should feel, etc. i love the challenge to take all that should-ing away and just observe. notice. honor that place. relish it and be grateful. it is also my challenge as a movement educator to allow my clients to be where they are without any of my own pre-concieved notions about any of the should-s. notice any of the should-s creeping in your own interactions with yourself and other people. be mindful. let them go and dissolve into acceptance.

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