Friday, November 6, 2009

better my food

i've been trading with my wonderful friend, wendy, to experience her health counseling. she was trained in integrative nutrition (program by joshua rosenthal) in nyc. i love all the information she has to impart and am really enjoying these bi-monthly sessions with her. i've always considered myself a pretty healthy eater, but it's great to check in with her and re-establish some healthy positive habits.
some habits she has helped my become aware of and establish in my life are:
  • more mindful eating. turn off the computer & tv, don't answer the phone, sit at the table and eat. chew with awareness. savor the meal and be grateful.
  • added more leafy greens to my diet, upped my fish oil and (in these winter months) coconut oil.
  • added a daily vitamin with plenty of folic acid and vitamin d
  • i've learned about the energetics of food. i knew eating local foods brought connectedness and harmony. i've learned things like meat, beans, and root veggies can be grounding and relaxing. leafy greens, fruit, raw foods, and chocolate can be light, creative, and flexible. i am excited to add these ideas to my life and diet.
  • learned more and more reasons to keep my diary consumption to a minimum for my body (more to come on that in a later post)
i'm only a third of the way through and am learning so much. even if you are a healthy, mindful eater, working with a health counselor is a fantastic way to gain new perspective on your nutrition and all those things in life that affect your general well being. cheers to mindful eating!

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