Friday, November 20, 2009

inspiration...move me brightly....

i must admit - this is one of my most favorite pics from my july wedding. i just feel like it embodies the way i felt at that moment. super duper happy. the hubby in the background is making a bit if a funny face, but also looks happy. i found this passage the other day written in a news commentary (and i can't find it now!!). funny, the commentary was about not living together before marriage (which we did!), but i really thought is gave a great perspective.

Marriage is another word for "trust." Maybe "trust, plus." It is two people full of doubts, shortcomings, and love holding hands and jumping together. It's a risk, fraught with the potential to fail, and that makes it beautiful. Three-legged races, where two people hop, stumble, get back up, and maybe hit a stride until they fall again. It's funny, frustrating, and the wedding ring is a symbol for the rope tying two legs together.

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