Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ooh la la...le bistrot français

should have gotten to this post last night, but had a little too much vino and was soooo ready for bed when i walked in the door! the busy day has kept me from getting this posted until now! wow - getting ready for the holidays is work!!! sadly, i am reaching a point where any amount of alcohol in my system totally prevents me from having a good night's sleep. even just a relaxing glass of wine! bummer. i am planning to take as much alcohol out of my life this holiday season as possible! maybe a glass of wine on thanksgiving and christmas eve, but that's about it for me. really anytime i have to wake up in the morning i am not going to have anything to drink. it's just reaching a point where it's not worth it. plus - i am coming to the conclusion that it really bothers my skin (skin story post coming soon.) i also think that i have put on a little bit of weight and want to be mindful how empty those calories are - i would much rather enjoy a yummy treat instead!

had a fun day yesterday although i did skip out on my beloved monday evening yoga class. boo. i just was feeling like hanging around the house with the hubby so i did.

last night, i had the great pleasure of getting together with three girl friends who i dearly love and so enjoy their company. we are all kindred spirits. we met at bouchon french bistro here in asheville. i have been wanting to eat here, but never had the chance! we actually originally wanted to go elsewhere, but they were closed on Monday - we got lucky that we ended up here!

judy (on the far left) really brought all of us together! she now lives on the west coast and we miss her so much - but, we always gather when she is back in town for a visit. kim (in the middle) was recently voted the 2nd best massage therapists in asheville. she is an amazing healing therapist. check her out here. cadence (on the far right) is one busy mama! she owns a fabulous spa here in town called cadence's contouring that offers all kinds of yummy things for the body like massage with kim, endermologie treatments, facials with pevonia, m'lis detoxification therapy and all sorts of good stuff. we always have so much to chat about when we get together and love love love to share our passions for finding a healthy happy body!!

another thing we all share is a passion for great food! here is le steak au poivre i got as my entree. (i actually started with a salad of greens, walnuts, and bacon, but was so famished and enthralled in conversation i forgot to snap a photo!) my favorite part of this meal was the brussel sprouts - they were fantastic. i ate all the veggies and half the beef - took the rest home to the hubby! trying to mindfully eat food so good it's hard to stop!!
le steak au poivre was served with these marvelous pomme frites - i shared these with everyone as much as i could! they were delicious and a special treat!
finally we all split two marvelous desserts - both are the house specialties. this photo does not do it justice at all. the top dish was the creme brulee flight!!! wowsa - four mini-brulees: vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and coffee. we all agreed the coffee was the best! on the bottom was the african queen: ripe banana wrapped in filo pastry, baked to order and topped with housemade caramel sauce and madagascar vanilla bean ice cream - as described on the menu - it was sinful!!!
after the desserts - i flew out of there and came home to bed! i had a 7:30am client this morning!

tuesday exercise accomplishment: 20 minutes on bike while catching up on the latest health magazine, 50 minute kinesis class with stacey, 25 minute treadmill walk/run! done! had to work off all that yumminess from last night!


  1. Woo! I'm proud of myself when I can do the crawl stroke for 30 minutes! :) Next goal is 40 minutes. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. stopping by from SITS, your blog title intrigued me, and I'm happy to see someone trying to live (and help others live) a balanced & centered life!