Wednesday, November 4, 2009

30 goals for 30 years!!*

  1. meditate at least 10 minutes everyday
  2. get my body moving 30-60 minutes everyday
  3. learn to jog with the beast on a leash
  4. take BMC course
  5. go to surf camp in costa rica
  6. find quality time with hubby everyday
  7. more and more home cooking
  8. run another 5k
  9. have girlfriend soiree once per month
  10. start planning to start a family
  11. honor time for me rather than over committing
  12. take (at least) one weekly yoga class
  13. start writing the happy body book
  14. visit and call grandparents more often
  15. journal daily
  16. have non scheduled time at home everyday
  17. study mindfulness based stress reduction and read more jon kabat zinn
  18. maintain weekly acupuncture session
  19. have lunch or hike with a girlfriend(s) once per week
  20. find a guest blogger opportunity
  21. use planner pad to keep commitments and lists manageable
  22. eat more leafy greens
  23. get on the yoga mat everyday
  24. continue to cultivate mindfulness practices
  25. choreograph dance piece all by myself
  26. talk to jack on the phone everyday (unless he's traveling)
  27. keep blogging on life, health, and creativity
  28. take more photos of life
  29. find place to offer weekly yoga class
  30. write more snail mail (at least two per month)
*sorry this didn't get posted yesterday!!! birthday got super busy, but was fantastic! there will be two posts today to make up for it!

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