Monday, November 16, 2009

mindful monday, monday...

my favorite thing about mondays is the yoga class i attend at lighten up yoga here in asheville! i used to me a major flow yoga junkie (and still flow on the mat at home all the time!), but really appreciate the detailed alignment of a good iyengar yoga class. the instructor and studio owner, lillah, is excellent and really come from an amazing anatomy based perspective. i am able to soak in all those details and knowledge and apply it not only to my own practice, but to the work i do with my students/clients.

also - i have a home manduka yoga mat and got this natural yoga mat as a wedding gift. i keep in my car for when i go to class and/or teach class. the only problem has been that i get to class and my mat is covered in dog hair! i love my pup, but i don't want his hair sticking all over my sticky mat.

hence....the solution from lowes:

i can keep my mat and various other (non dog related) items that i carry around with me on a daily basis. i love good organization!
i love the sign on the way to lighten up and am so excited because beginning in january, i will be teaching there!!! yippee! i have been searching for the right place and lillah and i had dinner last monday and it's a go. tuesdays 4-5:20pm! a prime spot! i am so looking forward to joining the yoga studio teaching community!
even though monday is my mindful day, i still enjoyed a glass of wine. the bottle was given to me by a client for by birthday. it was tasty. i love to have a single class and wind down for the day (not everyday, but some days!)
i was a vegetarian for over ten years and recently (per my acupuncturists encouragement) have begun eating meat. honestly, i never thought i would, but i really feel a whole lot better. so i always give many thanks for the animal that shared this health with me.

i made bbq beef in the crock pot all day today and after yoga sauteed some yummy kale to mix in with the meal. it was satisfying!
i'm off to enjoy the evening and finish the book i am reading. the first blissful-body book review to come tomorrow! have a great evening to all!


  1. I have never taken iyengar yoga, and now I want to! My alignment is sort of frighteningly asymmetrical...

  2. i'm so inspired by all your yoga goings-on! i wish i was still taking class regularly

  3. My yoga mat is stored in the exact same container. Great minds think alike :)