Thursday, November 5, 2009

yoga & cultivating a home practice

setting the space

i am grateful to have a home office where i have enough room to have a small alter and meditation area and where i have plenty of room to stretch my yoga mat out. it has really helped my in cultivating time on the mat daily. to jump start and re-inspire my practice i have begun florian yoga's 30 day challenge. i am on day 4 and so far we have om-ed together, committed to conscious eating and 30 minutes of exercise daily, learned a mantra and listened to a grounding meditation. yippee - what a great way to feel inspired.

here's where i find peace, practice, and occasionally roll around on the floor with the dog!

how do you create your space? look around and find a space (even if it is just a corner). place a candle there or a sentimental item to remind you to be mindful when you are near that space. take a seat there and set an intention to allow that corner/area/space to be sacred to you when you need it. at least one time a day visit that space (both mentally and physically) and be peaceful - whether just sitting or rolling out a mat and practicing some mindful movement - at least 10 minutes each day. carve that 10 minutes out and plan for that time. see how setting the space can cultivate a greater practice in your life!

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