Sunday, November 8, 2009

birthday with my sister & girlfriends

one of my goals for 30 is to get together with other girlfriends at least once a month. fortunately, i have the moving women - the company i dance with. it's challenging sometimes to manage dance in my schedule and find time to be creative and inspired, but in the end it is worth it because i gratefully spend time every week with these four women below. i'm sure to blog more about creativity and dancing in the months to come as we have a show in march 2010! last night the four of us and many other wonderful women for scorpio birthday drinks!

ok, so i only have one sibling that i grew up with (my best friend jack), but i truly believe my friend erin (the gal next to me above) is my sister from another mother. people mistake us for looking a like so often that two years ago we created and choreographed a show about daisy and violet hilton (siamese twins from the vaudeville era). here we are in my favorite promo pic from our march 2008 show!
we also have s similar spirit - something i cannot put word to, but know it there. amazingly, our birthdays are one day apart from each other! i love that we get to celebrate that day together every year. last night we had a yummy dinner at curras dom - a locally owned "upscale" mexican resturant. it was fantastic. then afterward, we met up with some girlfriends for a fabulous evening of champagne, wine, talk, and laughter!

i think as women we sometimes let time for ourselves get pushed aside for the time we feel the need to give to others. i am not a mom yet, but really want to find the ability to recognize that need before having a family. sometimes it is hard enough just maintaining my work life, the hubby, our home, and the beast! my goal is to have a girls night at least once per month and hopefully add a creative girls night in there in the new year! i love having this month of gratitude and my birthday to reflect and connect!