Sunday, November 15, 2009

bmc inspired

i am taking a body mind centering course that meets once per month with a fantastic instructor, erik bendix. erik has training in bmc and alexander technique and is very inspiring. i've known for a while now that simply teaching movement for the sake of fitness/exercise is not inspiring me as much as it did in my younger days. the more i learn about the human body, the deeper i want to delve and explore and the more i know i want to learn. in comes body mind centering. wow - it explores the body from so many different angles not just muscles and bones, but fluid, organs, ligamentous, nervous, etc. etc. i love it because each time i delve into that realm of thinking a certain way about the body, i discover more about myself and in turn have this amazing reference to use with my clients. i believe it is so important to move from all aspects of the body and not get so wrapped up in the muscular system. anyway, this is a bit of a rant - but, i am excited that beginning in january i will start my training to become a bmc practitioner! it will take many years and lots of training, but i am up for it. i will begin with the fluid system!!!
after todays workshop on the bones, i had dance rehearsal where i really got far in the piece i am choreographing for our march show. i will be talking more and posting some video for feedback in the coming weeks. one of the hardest parts of choreography is finding good music, not too dramatic and with few or no words. any ideas?!?!

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