Monday, October 26, 2009

creeping on 30.

so, i turn 30 in a little over a week. i am actually sort of excited about it. my dear friend erin told me once that you spend the 20's figuring out who you are and in your 30's you get to really be who you are! i love the idea of letting your birthday set resolutions. we all get so psyched out with the whole new year thing, so reflecting on your birthday is unique and individual - it resonates with me. here's my list. lots of things i am recommitting to myself and i am trying to find new things to add in. i am turning the big 3-0!
  • start (and really write) a blog about creativity, yoga, and the healing aspects of movement! (alas - having been sick for the past week movement has alluded me, but will return asap.)
  • JOURNAL regularly
  • get on my yoga mat everyday (even if just for a little all adds up and counts!)
  • of course - find mindful moments throughout the day
  • bring gratitude into my life and household. i'm going to make a blessings box (and decorate it up) and write something my family is grateful for everyday!
  • make my own holiday cards to send out this year
  • take a course on compassionate communication
  • more & more & more home cookin - yummy!!!!
  • eat more greens - always trying to get those dark leafy's in!
  • get a planner pad (i asked for one for my birthday or christmas from mom and dad). put time on that calendar to nurture my nest, be with my love and the loving beast!
hopefully, i'll think of more - i'm going to keep this list going in my journal until my birthday and then sit down, edit, and commit.

hoping to be back to myself and back to work on wednesday (maybe even get in a gentle asana practice!) here's hoping for wellness!!!

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