Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ways to relax

i heart the post today on carrots'n'cake asking everyone to post what they do to relax. here my list of the things i do to relax:
  • go for a walk in the woods with my hubby and my beast
  • make a cup of Dandy Blend add some stevia and soymilk creamer
  • grab a good read (not one that involves too much thought)
  • catch up on grey's anatomy or project runway online (no tv here!)
  • yoga. yoga. yoga.
  • sit comfortably and breathe.
  • snuggle up with my pup (sometime referred to as beast)
  • tidy up. surprisingly, this brings me so much satisfaction that is really is relaxing.
  • glass of yummy vino white or red.
  • call my brother - who is my best friend.
  • journal & dream.
  • write a letter to snail mail to a friend or family member
  • look at photos!
it's nice to take the time to think about what actually makes me feel relaxed. maybe it can serve as a reminder to do these things more often.

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