Sunday, October 25, 2009

living the life.

being mindful is the hardest thing i do everyday. it's so easy to just plug along and get wrapped up in the things i have to do or the things i think need/could/should happen in my day. learning to become detached from all those "to-do's" and live presently is my daily challenge. try sitting quietly at your desk, on the floor...wherever you happen to be and close your eyes. notice what is happening. are thoughts racing around in your head (they often are for me!)? start to slow down and let go of those'll think of them again if they're really important. notice your breathe. is it tense? is it rushed? is it smooth? be an observer and watch yourself inhale and exhale. then just allow yourself 5 minutes to be with your breath. as you feel your mind wander away (as it inevitably will!) gently bring the attention back to the breath. ahhhh....enjoy. these few minutes will resettle you back into yourself and re-energize you for all that lies ahead. bliss with breath!
i heart this pic of my "beast" and i - he always reminds me of being present in the moment and of pure love and compassion!

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