Sunday, January 3, 2010

january dreaming

i feel a little behind in getting my plans together for blogging in 2010. one thing i want to do each month is post some dreams, goals, thoughts that i have for the month and then follow up at the end of the month to see how those commitments worked out. staying mindful and organized for me is all about setting intention and doing my very best to follow through.

wishes for january
  • attend first body mind centering training on the fluid system and embark upon new facet of learning and teaching healing movement
  • use time at training to develop book writing plan & marketing for lovely, inspiring friend jessica's fabulous body work practice
  • begin game plan for e-course on mindfully managing your time - any ideas or interest?!?!
  • blog re-design and switch to wordpress
  • cardio exercise and yoga practice daily (not so good up until now, but monday is true beginning for me!)
  • only have my oh-so loved vino on the weekends
  • finish setting modern dance piece on the company for march show
  • 10 minutes of meditation daily
  • 2-3 book reviews on the blog
what are your aspirations for this beginning month of the decade? i am stoked on 2010 to be a year of progress, innovation, and growth! (oh - and maybe taking more pics of my life - i've gotta improve on that one!) cheers!

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