Monday, December 14, 2009

keep truckin along

another monday down and only one more until christmas week! hard to believe how time flies! i had 7 client sessions today and they all went really well. i love that everyone is in the holiday spirit!

went to my favorite yoga class tonight at lighten up yoga where i will be teaching 2 classes per week beginning in the new year. (tuesday at 4pm and wednesdays at 5:30pm) woo-hoo. i am stoked because i have been asked to take over a class that the director now teaches because i have gotten such good feedback from the students there. that's really moving in the right direction!

just had a simple dinner of un-chicken noodle soup and a spaten beer (brings back memories of my time if germany!)

am baking banana bread right now - doesn't baking just put you in the holiday mood?!?! this recipe is simple and vegan and fabulous. one hour til it's done.

i know, i know.....the new year's resolution is surely to snap more photos of all this. have a wonderful evening.

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