Friday, December 18, 2009

snow: day one

it has taken this southern gal a few years to adjust to living in the mountains. we've been here for 6 years now and today is the most snow i have ever seen! i'm guessing as of the moment there's about nine inches out there and it's still coming! according to, it's going to keep snowing through monday. makes me a little nervous cause we cancelled our dance rehearsal today and i don't want to miss it on sunday. BUT, this gal - no matter what - does not drive in the snow. i know people who grow up doing it and who are used to it think it's no big deal, but the hubby and i were in a wreck in the snow our first year here and i just don't risk it anymore. it's homeward bound for me when it snows! today is also the beast's 3rd birthday and family members have asked what he got for his birthday and my response has been SNOW!!! he loves it and has been super energized all day long!!!

here's our street.
the beast celebrating birthday 3 by burying himself in the snow! so cute!
beautiful mother nature.
still energized and happy.
just before dusk measurement. wow.
we'll see what tomorrow brings after snowfalls all evening. currently we are still with power and hoping to stay that way!
happy white christmas!


  1. What beautiful winter pictures!!! In Texas we dont get much snow! Thanks for sharing them!!

    Also, thank you for dropping by my blog!I'm sorry it took me some time to get back to you though! It's been so fun to discover your blog, as well. And I'm your newest follower!!

    Shannon at:

  2. Yep - we've got penguins. Brrrrrrrr....

    Come on over punkin. I gots you an award.



  3. Glad you are enjoying the snow! We didn't get quite as much in central NJ. I don't blame you re not wanting to drive in it. I saw some real crazies out on the road Saturday night during the storm.