Thursday, December 10, 2009

whoa - time is cranking away!

so surprised yesterday when i flipped the page in my calendar to realize that christmas is - what?!?!? - two weeks away! how did that happen! and my beloved blogging has been suffering because this week has been wild. why is it that the holidays seems so much busier than any other time of year? i mean, i have a few gifts to get, but not that many really - it shouldn't be this hard. the hubby and i are taking an overnight trip to atlanta and vow to get it done then. i know we will accomplish! plus, i love last minute road trips! total fun! promise to take photos and be mindful of my blogging friends out there. i will totally be better about my posting in the coming week!

having a glass of wine right now and chilling out. so glad it's the weekend. (yes, my last day of the week is thursday and i am ever so grateful for a 3 day weekend - with dance rehearsals of course)

how do you manage your holiday time? how do you set priorities in the holiday season?

i am trying not to wish time away, but am so excited to use my planner pad and keep life organized! woo-hoo! anyone else have one of these calendars? soon, i will be posting my 10 goals for 2010. be thinking about yours, too! i would love for you to post them here when i post mine and get some new ideas on what to accomplish in the coming year!

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