Sunday, December 13, 2009

weekend away & holiday accomplishments

just returned from a fun 2 days in atlanta of shopping and seeing the fabulous friends we have there. oh yeah - and eating! it was a whirlwind and this lady didn't take any photos. boo. as mindfully as i try to live my life - i am having such a hard time mindfully snapping pics for the blog! and it's really two-fold: not only for the blog, but for my memory and establishing memories of my married life. taking more photos is certainly going to go on my resolutions list.

i do totally feel like i have made progress on the christmas shopping! woo-hoo! the hubby and i made lists and got a lot of things accomplished this weekend. and we were having fun together - who can beat that?!!? the best thing about going out of town for us is that it's like an extended date for a few days. so nice.

speaking of resolutions: my project for today is to make a brainstorm list of all the things i would like to do in 2010. there will be many. then, i am going to bring the list down to the top 10 and make sure they are 10 that i can really accomplish.

holiday yoga party this afternoon with the studio i am starting to teach at in the new year! happy sunday.

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  1. making a list for the new year is something i love to do too!!!