Sunday, December 6, 2009

what other people think....

i heard one of the greatest quotes i've heard in a long time recently from a friend (coco). i heard it second hand from another friend, but it really stuck with me.

"what other people think of you is none of your business."

i just finished reading an article in the latest yoga journal on gossiping. i really don't like it when i gossip and was aware this weekend when hanging out with an old co-worker how easy it is to gossip when your intention is just to catch up on people you haven't seen in a while. i am going to set an intention to be extremely mindful when i talk about other people. there is some gossip that i know is gossip, but what about when you talk about other people with good intention. like wondering if your best guy's new girlfriend could be the one or what kind of job you think your brother-in-law should get. i think those things could turn into negative gossip, but it's important to be aware that those genuine conversations don't become wrought with judging over-analysis. i would have to live in a cave alone to not talk about people. it's just human nature. i just want to be mindful that i am not causing any harm when i do open my mouth. bringing this focus will help me see what better things i could be talking about or sharing with the people i am talking to!

then it comes back to the quote above. it's so important to have friend's and family to bounce ideas off of and gain perspective, but when it comes down to it - you have to connect with you and who you are and how you are not defined by what other people think!

i totally struggle with this in my ever challenging time management and over committing. for example, there is a yoga studio i have taught for that would like for me to come back and instruct a donation based class. in my heart i would love to share with these students, but the time of day is not so great and i know (based on lots of previous over committing) that it would put a deep rut in the center of my day and i would come to not look forward to it. however, my mind totally wants to talk me into doing it because i don't want the studio manager and owner to think any less of me. "what?!?!?" you ask. yeah, me too. because of course they are going to respect that i am honoring my home commitments and my personal time. that thought pattern still happens though. deep breathes. i am always learning. and i know the quote is helping me stay centered cause i really need to honor what i think about me!

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