Monday, December 28, 2009

WORD of 2010

decision made.

my word for 2010 is CHOICE.

there are so many words i want to choose like: balance, harmony, mindfulness, peaceful, compassion, creativity, self-love, grace, spirit, adventure...and the list could go on and on. i decided the most powerful word for me is choice because i can choose to live with all these other fabulous words in mind. all i have to do is choose what's best for me! i did gave it some journal love and want to share some of these thoughts with you all.

in 2010, i choose to:
  • put my family first and spend more time at home
  • make conscious scheduling decisions
  • limit my alcohol intake to once per week
  • exercise daily
  • spend reasonable time on the computer
  • use my time wisely
  • practice yoga daily
  • eat healthy meals and resist over indulgence
  • keep my home organized
  • read even more
  • not react on the defense (it's a bad habit i am trying to break)
  • sip hot tea
  • spread love and compassion
  • be thankful for my body and all that is does for me
  • be creative
  • avoid things that zap time and energy
  • drink oodles of water
  • home cooked meals
  • send more snail mail
  • take weekly yoga class
  • put energy into all that serves me
and the list will go on and on as the year progresses. there are lots more in my journal o' me, but some too personal to post. any other takers on the word of the year? cheers!

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  1. Hmmm...word of the year. One word? I have a phrase that I am using more and more will that work?

    Make it happen.

    That's it. Whatever it is...just make it happen. No excuses, what-if's, nothing.

    Happy New Year babe.